Today I Turn 25

January 10, 2016


Well, I can’t quite believe it, but today I turn 25. It’s been an exciting year, and but I’m really looking forward to a new one. This time of year is always filled with reflection for me, between the holidays and then my birthday, I try to take the time to examine where I’m at and where I want to go. Here are some of the important bits of the past year.

01. We settled into our apartment and it really started to feel like home. Quiet days here are some of my favourites.

02. I’ve started to become more and more sure of what I really want in life, and I’m getting more comfortable making the decisions that will help cultivate the life that I want.

03. I rebranded the studio and brought the blog under the same name. It’s been a good exercise to really look at the type of work I want to do, and what impact I want to have, and to integrate that into my business in every way.

04. I took some really memorable trips, including Tulum and LA (one day I will blog about those!) and they were both inspiring in their own way.

05. We lost my grandma in the Spring and it was incredibly difficult. But it also reminded me to be grateful for the time we have with people and to make an effort to be less trapped in cycles of worry, stress, and obligation. So I’ve tried my best to make decisions that will fill my life with ease and joy, and remove things that don’t contribute to that.

06.  In my day job, I moved into a new role that’s been super satisfying. I work on a lot of brand and content strategy, as well as photoshoots, ads, and our Instagram. Lots of good stuff, and the best people.

My main intentions for next year are to simplify and to go on more adventures. I want to have just what I need and love, without so much clutter and excess, both in my surroundings and in my mind. I have a lot of ideas for how I’ll do this, and I’m excited to continue on with it.

I loved the trips that I went on last year, and I remember sitting at an intersection in LA (it was really nothing special) and just thinking about how there’s such an endless amount of things we can experience in this world. I’d like to make the effort to see a bit more of it this year.

This year has been a great one, and I’m grateful for everything it brought. Now I’m excited for the next one! To celebrate, I plan to drink some tea in bed, hang out with some of my favourite people, and get out in my city a little bit. Cheers to that!

(Pretty  picture from The Crepes of Wrath).

Decor - Home

A Few Pretty Homes

January 4, 2016

Mira Eng-Goetz Belvedere Apartment

Over the holidays, I spent a lot of time hunting around for inspiration and stumbled upon a few home tours that really caught my eye. These ones are all light, bright, and filled with a perfect mix of that charming vintage feeling, and a modern, clean design.


An Airy Los Angeles Treehouse

This one is at the top of my inspiration list at the moment. I love all of the natural elements mixed in with clean furniture lines and bright white walls.


Contemporary Home with Scandinavian Vibes

This home is basically perfection in my mind. The distressed floors, old world mouldings, white walls, and the amazing fireplaces get mixed with mid century furniture and pops of black. The whole home is gorgeous.

Mira Eng-Goetz Belvedere Apartment

370 Renovated Square Feet

There’s a whole lot of beauty in this tiny space, and endless ideas for small space dwellers. There’s a similar colour palette in this space as the other two (can you tell I have a preference these days?:) and in the tiny home it really opens things up and feels lovely and clean.

Do you have any favourite home tours? I often go back to the same ones again and again! I’d love to see yours :)


From the Weekend: Holiday Travels


First of all, happy 2016! Did you have a good holiday? Did you have some time off to relax? I hope you got up to everything you wanted to. I spent the last couple weeks mostly away from home visiting family and then going on a little trip to Seattle to finish off 2015. This weekend was the first I’d spent in my apartment for a while, and it was niiiice. Very low-key and relaxed. And much needed.

Now it’s back to work and some structure. And I have to say, I’m looking forward to it. Sometimes lounging is tiring. ;)

Decor - Life

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

December 23, 2015


I don’t know about you, but this holiday season has felt hectic. With two trips in December (LA + the prairies), and a full workload, Christmas has sort of snuck up on me. Thankfully, I’ve found some pieces to fill my loved ones stockings that are pretty and useful.


I love Mast Brothers, but anything in a lovely package will do.


These little sugar spoons feel luxe, and would look great sitting on the lucky recipient’s kitchen counter.


Every desk can benefit from a little upgrade. Here’s one.


Who doesn’t love finding a pretty piece like this in their stocking?

Decor - DIY

A Modern Wreath for Your Home

December 8, 2015


I like my holiday decorations to have a little something different going on. It’s fun and adds a bit of whimsy to the season (and who doesn’t want that?). For our wreath, I wanted to do something with natural elements, but that would have similar colours and textures as our tree (mostly woods, metallics, and blues).

To make this, I hot glued fir branches onto an embroidery hoop. Next, I tied string to the top for hanging, and added a hanging ornament at the bottom. Next, I painted wooden balls and also left some natural. Once I’d decided on the arrangement I liked for the circles, I hot glued them all onto the ring, and to each other.

Et voila! It was a pretty easy project, and endlessly customizable. Have a go at it! And tag #kitandforage if you take any Instagrams! I’d love to see what you come up with.


From the Weekend: LA Sunshine

December 7, 2015


On Friday I headed to LA for a few days of sunshine and relaxation. We were celebrating Angela’s birthday, and it was such a great time. The days were filled with wandering around pretty neighbourhoods (Silver Lake and Abbot Kinney were my favourites), eating delicious food, and sipping on yummy cocktails. I’ll put together a roundup of the trip soon – definitely a favourite.

What did you get up to this weekend? :)

Also, this was pretty cool. Nothing like having a brand you adore like you back!