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Vegan Hot Chocolate

March 10, 2015


Hello, friends! I hope you had a great weekend and got up to some fun things. I spent a whole lot of time with my sister! We had a brunch date, took a trip out to Deep Cove, watched Grey’s on my couch, and cooked dinner. Basically, I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing weekend!

I also thought it was about time for a recipe post on the blog, so I whipped up some hot chocolate that I thought we could all try making! I mostly try to stay away from dairy, but I loooove hot chocolate, so naturally I’m always on the hunt for a vegan recipe that actually leaves me wanting seconds.

I found this recipe over on Veggie and the Beast Feast and I’d highly recommend it. Try it out!


You’ll need cane sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch, sea salt, almond milk, and vanilla to mix this up.

vegan-hot-chocolate-12 vegan-hot-chocolate-14

Mix all of your dry ingredients together in bowl, and heat up your milk and vanilla (full directions over here).

vegan-hot-chocolate-10 vegan-hot-chocolate-8 vegan-hot-chocolate-7 vegan-hot-chocolate-9

Gather up your besties and have a little hot chocolate part-ay. Enjoy!


Gin + Elderflower Cocktails

July 30, 2014

Happy hump day, friends! Whether your week has been on the rough side and you need a pick-me-up, or you have a ton to toast to, this gin and elderflower cocktail is just the ticket for your Wednesday evening. Or, save it for the weekend and impress your friends! (Or both!)
Angela and I whipped these up a couple Saturdays ago and they were super tasty and refreshing. The perfect drink for a hot summer day. The combination of the gin, elderflower, mint, and lemon makes them light and spritzy. 
Read on for a look at how to make these yourself!
You’ll need lemon…

 … and mint leaves!

Pour an ounce of your favourite brand of gin. We used Tanqueray for these.

After you’ve poured your ounce of gin, add club soda and elderflower syrup. We bought ours from the grocery section at Ikea.

Add in those little garnishes for both taste and Martha-factor.

Grab some friends and enjoy!

What’s your favourite DIY cocktail? Are you much of a mixologist? I’d really like to try mixing up more fun drinks – would you be interested in trying them out with me? :)



Dill & Cheddar Scones

May 29, 2014

Hey friends! This week has been a really good one with lots of fun work and exciting new projects. On the weekend I helped Angela put together a scone recipe and it was ah-mazing. Seriously. If you are on the lookout for a fun weekend morning activity, head over to her blog and then head straight to the grocery store. You’ll thank me later!