Easy, Wear Everywhere Jewels

January 29, 2016


I love buying jewelry, but I also love wearing the same pieces day in and day out. When I find something I love, I tend to wear it constantly for a long time. Because of this, I like to buy pieces that have staying power and aren’t too trendy. I’ve found that organic, delicate pieces tend to fit this bill the best. Thankfully, there are a lot of talented designers in Vancouver (probably deserves a post all its own), like Foe and Dear. I tend to mix items from her and other designers with favourites from Madewell.


Here are a few pieces that I bet could find a nice home in your jewelry wardrobe:

01. This Madewell Necklace makes great use of mixed media and would look great with cropped jeans and black slide on mules.

02. Foe and Dear uses beautiful stones and this quirky open cuff is no exception. I think it’d be lovely with a simple black blouse and ripped jeans.

03. There’s always room for a little sparkle.

04. I really love the mix of gold and green agate in this Madewell bracelet.

Top photo from Madewell.

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