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Gift Guide 2015: Your Lovely + Supportive Mom

December 1, 2015


Her voice on the other end of the phone is one of your favourite things, and her presence still feels like home. She’s kind, smart, and always there for you. Plus, she’s fun to grab a drink with, too.

01. J.Crew PJs $78 | Because she looks adorable in pretty pjs, and she likes to be cozy.

02. Kaico Kettle $116 | A stylish kettle for a stylish lady.

03. Williams Sonoma Rolling Pin $30 | This seems like something my favourite movie mom would have in her pretty kitchen. And now yours will, too.

04. Catbird Earrings $260 | How pretty would these look with an easy bun and a denim dress?

05. Kit + Forage Jug $16 | This little vintage jug would fit in perfectly on her kitchen counter.

06. J.Crew Sweater $110 | A classic piece she’ll wear all the time.

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