Dress up Your Drinks

November 16, 2015


Who doesn’t love adding a little extra something to an old standby? Adding florals to your favourite cocktail is a quick and easy way to add a little whimsy to your next dinner party, or to spruce up a Wednesday movie night. For these, I added thyme and chrysanthemums to a Gin and Tonic.


Something to remember when you’re using flowers in drinks: it’s highly recommended that you use organic flowers if you’re putting the flowers in your drink (you don’t want any chemicals on there). Also, even though I wasn’t eating these flowers (just for garnish), I still made sure it was an edible flower.



  • Gin
  • Tonic Water
  • Flowers
  • Herbs (I used thyme)

To make these, I just did one once of gin and the rest tonic water (but of course, you can make them as strong as you’d like :).



Have you tried adding flowers to a drink? I hadn’t before but I’ll definitely be doing it again.

Also, keep your eye out later in the week, because we’ve got a delicious addition for these cocktails coming up!

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