An Easy Rose + Lemonade Cocktail

October 7, 2015


I love keeping a bottle of gin in the freezer and mixing up new drinks when I’m in the mood for something fancy. There are endless combinations for cocktails, but I’m a fan of easy mixes that I can put out for friends without much fuss.

Get the easy instructions for this drink, after the jump.


Here’s what you’ll need to mix these up:

  1. Flavoured lemonade (I tried a pink rose flavour for these, and it was very herbal. It tasted special, and like it took more time than it actually did)
  2. Sparkling water (I went with San Pellegrino)
  3. Your favourite brand of gin
  4. Garnish (raspberries or lemon wedges look nice)

Rose-Lemonade-Gin-Cocktail-6 Rose-Lemonade-Gin-Cocktail-2

I did half an ounce of gin for these little glasses. But of course you can make them as strong as you’d like. And side note – these tasted great as a non-alcoholic drink, too.


I’d highly recommend this drink!

What’s your favourite easy cocktail to make at home? I’d love to hear!

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