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Sweet Happenings Garden Gathering

September 17, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, we held our second Sweet Happenings event. Last year we had a few friends over to enjoy food, drinks, and good conversation. This year, we gathered old friends and new friends for a Parisian garden gathering. I’m super inspired by the simplicity and easy beauty of Parisian style. It never seems stuffy or overdone. We wanted to create an event that would put people at ease, and give everyone the opportunity to make new friends and chat about what they love to do.

Check out some of my favourite moments from the event, after the jump.


We held the event in an outdoor space in the West End. The threat of rain was real that morning, but thankfully it held off! We put white linen down on the table and kept the colours light and clean.

Sweet-Happenings-4 Sweet-Happenings-3

We sipped crisp white wines and snacked on classics like meats, cheeses, and baguettes. We also enjoyed some delicious (and healthy!) desserts from Love Your Mornings.

We also got super lucky because Rogue Florist was kind enough to supply some beautiful florals for the table (check out her work — it’s stunning).

Sweet-Happenings-1 Sweet-Happenings-10 Sweet-Happenings-9

There were so many awesome ladies at the event. I felt very lucky to be in such cool, smart, and talented company. I loved hearing what everybody is up to. Lots of great conversation was had.

Sweet-Happenings-2 Sweet-Happenings-6

This event was such a fun time, and I can’t wait to do it again. And I don’t think we’ll wait so long to have the 3rd event. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks/months if you’re in Vancouver and would like to join next time!

Thanks again to Rogue Florist and Love Your Mornings for their sweet support of the event.

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