Florals For: Springtime!

March 26, 2015


Well, spring is officially here and in Vancouver that means RAIN. We had gorgeous weather up until last Friday, and then beginning on the first official day of spring, our weather turned to rain, rain, and more rain. I’m not complaining since the rain is always nice and cozy, but I also wouldn’t mind a bit more sunshine around here! But thankfully, we can create our own sunshine, and this week I’m bringing it to you in the form of some pretty blooms.

These guys had their starring role in last week’s Spring time brunch table post, but I figured they needed a bit more attention because, well, nature is awesome.


For this arrangement, I knew I wanted to hunt down some anemones and ranunculus. They’re so bold and striking and I thought they would make for a strong centrepiece. I also added greens and some white and orange tulips. I wanted the arrangement to appear wild and free, so I kept the stems longer and let certain pieces float over the edges of the vase.


What’s your favourite flower? And do you like to put your own arrangements together?

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