Put an Egg on It

October 9, 2015


The weekend is so very close to arriving. And that means slower days and an extra cup of tea (or glass of wine). It also means a little more time enjoying home.

I’ve been trying to eat less takeout lately, and one thing I’ve rediscovered in my pursuit of homemade meals is how much I love frying an egg and tossing it on a medley of things. For instance, some quinoa mixed with olive oil and sea salt is infinitely better with a runny egg on top. Make yourself a creamy cup of earl grey and you have a pretty lovely Saturday afternoon dish.


And what are you up to this weekend? It’s Thanksgiving in Canada, so we’ll be enjoying an extra day off! I’m taking the ferry over to the island to spend some time with my family, including our newest addition. Fellow Canadians, how will you be spending the long weekend?

Now, go enjoy your Friday!


The Case for Easy Mornings

October 8, 2015


Who doesn’t love an easy outfit? I know when I’m getting ready for a meeting, the less I have to figure out as I rush out the door, the better. This jumpsuit is like the antithesis of fussy outfits and harried mornings. It’s feminine, flattering, and would look beautiful with delicate gold earrings and bed head.

Check out how cute it looks on Cambria. And pick one up here (I know I will be).


An Easy Rose + Lemonade Cocktail

October 7, 2015


I love keeping a bottle of gin in the freezer and mixing up new drinks when I’m in the mood for something fancy. There are endless combinations for cocktails, but I’m a fan of easy mixes that I can put out for friends without much fuss.

Get the easy instructions for this drink, after the jump.


Here’s what you’ll need to mix these up:

  1. Flavoured lemonade (I tried a pink rose flavour for these, and it was very herbal. It tasted special, and like it took more time than it actually did)
  2. Sparkling water (I went with San Pellegrino)
  3. Your favourite brand of gin
  4. Garnish (raspberries or lemon wedges look nice)

Rose-Lemonade-Gin-Cocktail-6 Rose-Lemonade-Gin-Cocktail-2

I did half an ounce of gin for these little glasses. But of course you can make them as strong as you’d like. And side note – these tasted great as a non-alcoholic drink, too.


I’d highly recommend this drink!

What’s your favourite easy cocktail to make at home? I’d love to hear!

Daily - Home

6 Pretty Things For Your Home

October 5, 2015


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun?

On Saturday, I tried my first spin class and it was SO HARD. I definitely underestimated it before I went! Have you tried it?

To make the transition into Monday a little smoother, I thought we could take a look at some pretty pieces for our homes. Something I really love when it comes to housewares is having well designed basics. In a small home, the less you feel like hiding, the better. Here are some pieces that I thought you might enjoy.


Tea Towel: This is a Kit + Forage piece from my first textile collection. White and blue has been my favourite for a while, and the fabric is soft but absorbent (if I do say so myself :).

Pillow: I love the reserved pattern combined with the tassels. It would look beautiful on a grey couch.

Ikea Pouf: I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these Ikea poufs for a while now. They’re so popular though, and both of my local Ikeas are sold out! I hope you have better luck tracking one down. This one is pictured in the beautiful living room of My Scandinavian Home.

Happy Mug: This guy would just make you smile. Don’t you wish you had him this morning to greet the week?

And a couple more items that are nice to have around, below.


As the days get cooler, I’ll be trading in my summery ciders for a glass of wine. My mom gifted me a set of wine glasses a couple years ago, and it’s nice drinking wine out of the glass that’s meant for it. Here’s a nice set (I love the stemless ones best).


And who doesn’t love a cheese plate with their wine? I always just hack away at any cheese I buy with a regular knife, but I was at Angela’s one night and she had a cheese knife that made our crackers and cheese feel a whole lot fancier. I like this one.

What home pieces are on your wishlist? Stuff for the kitchen? Textiles? I’d love to hear!

(Top image from Dreamy Whites, Third image Gemma Arterton from Elle via Cup of Jo, Fourth image from Hither and Thither.)

Daily - Fashion

My Favourite Things: September

September 30, 2015


Can anyone believe that today is the last day of September?! I certainly can’t. This past month flew by, but it has also been filled with some of my favourite things, like crisp early fall days and hot cups of tea. Here are a few things I’ve been loving this month, and that I thought you might like to check out too:

Mindy Kaling’s New Book / I’m about halfway through Why Not Me, and it is (unsurprisingly) hilarious and insightful. It even got me through an anxious dentist waiting room session (and that’s a tough job).

Brown Booties / While I was sad to put the sandals away, I was pretty stoked to pull these new guys out. I wore these with high waisted jeans to IDSWest last weekend. Here’s a similar pair.

Seasonal Blooms / This cool flower looks a bit like a really pretty cabbage. How great would it look on a cozy fall table?

Dainty Gold Jewels / I like how feminine and easy little gold jewels are. Here are some pretty ones.

Easy Beauty Goods / This J.Crew perfume is my new obsession. Light enough for everyday but still feels special. And if you haven’t tried the Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick, I would pick up a tube. It dries pimples out in no time. This past month had its busy/stressful times, and this stuff did the trick.

Madewell Blouse / The weather has been hot-to-cold this month, and I’ve been doing a lot of layering with easy blouses. This other plaid top is next on my wishlist.

What products/books/trends have you been enjoying lately? I’d love to hear!

Events - Styling

Sweet Happenings Garden Gathering

September 17, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, we held our second Sweet Happenings event. Last year we had a few friends over to enjoy food, drinks, and good conversation. This year, we gathered old friends and new friends for a Parisian garden gathering. I’m super inspired by the simplicity and easy beauty of Parisian style. It never seems stuffy or overdone. We wanted to create an event that would put people at ease, and give everyone the opportunity to make new friends and chat about what they love to do.

Check out some of my favourite moments from the event, after the jump.

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